In April 2015 Moe wrote:

"I’ve been practicing Yoga with Stacy for approximately 5 years and I always feel at home when I enter the studio. I have been to other larger studios but they have never been as personal and supportive as Serene is. Stacy personally supports my yoga practice with individual attention during asana as well as realigning and modifying my position when needed due to injury etc. Philosophy of Yoga and mindful meditation are usually a part of each class at Serene Yoga Studio which I also appreciate immensely.

Stacy has created a team of instructors that have the same approach as hers to teaching Yoga – a kind, personal and individualized approach. The classes are small in size so that individual attention can be given to all. The studio itself has quiet river views and its cleanliness is very much appreciated. I also love that there are a variety of different types of classes with a good choice of times."

In March 2015 Susan wrote:

"I have now been practising restorative yoga for about 6 months and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my everyday life. I started because I was losing flexibility and strength. I also had an ongoing skin problem on my arms, legs and hands and a 'wonky' knee, which made it necessary for me to be careful how I used it, especially on stairs.

I was amazed at how quickly I felt the results. After only one session, my always over-heated body started cooling down and in a short time my skin problem simply dissappeared. My flexibility and strength have improved steadily - a simple thing like shoulder checking while driving feels so different! And one day during a class, I felt a slight pop in my knee when I was getting into a pose and whatever had been misaligned was now corrected.

I had always thought that I wasn't athletic enough for yoga but found out very quickly that yoga is for everyone. The hands-on approach with the students makes such a difference, whether they are beginners like me or have been practising for years. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!"

In December 2015 SYS student wrote:

I've been doing yoga for over four years now and have experienced a variety of teachers and styles. So many things about Shell's approach to guiding her classes stand out. She makes her students feel a comfort level with themselves, with her, and with their overall practice.. She always reminds us that it is ok to be where we are right now - where our bodies are allowing us to go. And it is ok to accept how we feel - to focus on the process as opposed to trying to reach some ideal.

Whether I walk into one of Shell's classes in a good mood or bad, sick or healthy, strong or weak, happy or sad ... I feel rejuvenated and better both physically and mentally when I'm walking out. Her kindness to all her students helps us to lift up our hearts and take all the strength, power, and healing from our mats into the rest of our lives.