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Kids Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for kids for many reasons: it refines their balance and coordination, boosts their confidence and develops focus and concentration. And for kids playing physical sports like soccer or hockey, yoga has the added benefit of enhancing physical flexibility which in turn will diminish the chance of injury.

Serene Yoga Studio offers the 8 week Kids Yoga session a few times a year. These classes last 45 minutes each and are divided into 2 age groups: children aged 5-8 and 9-12.

Family Yoga

Bend, bond and stretch together as a family!

School, work, groceries, soccer and/or hockey practice, never-ending laundry, dance class, birthday parties. Most families these days keep a very busy schedule and it's no surprise to find that the family members seem to go in different directions sometimes, leaving them exhausted and disconnected.

So why not try Family Yoga? It's not only designed to give you the physical benefits of Yoga (flexibility, strength and coordination), but it will also increase understanding, patience and closeness among family members.

Family Yoga is open to families with children ages 3 to 10. No previous yoga experience required, just bring an open mind and heart.

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