Kids Yoga Actions Teacher Training

The first workshop we will be offering in this multi tiered training, is the Intro to Kids Yoga Action Teacher Training (Module 1).

This 3 hour workshop is for everyone interested in sharing yoga and mindfulness with children and for the educator or caregiver interested in enhancing a child’s educational experience through mindfulness and playfulness. Learn how to share yoga inspired activities with children and students in schools, daycares and at home.

This program is developed with special attention to everyday activities that will compliment your current curriculum. With hands-on lessons, you will gain the confidence to channel a child’s creative energy in a variety of fun ways.

A handbook is included in the fee. This workshop is part of the multi-level Teacher Training program offered by Serene Yoga Studio. Participants can choose to apply the hours accrued form this workshop towards certification in the 95 Hour Multi-tiered Kids Yoga Teacher Training. No previous experience is required.

You can register by following this link:

  • LRSD Registration
  • This tier of the 95 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training will also be offered in the studio soon, exact dates TBA.

    Please stay tuned for more information about this program and contact us if you would like to be added to the waiting list or to be added to our mailing list. You will receive updates about this program and much more!

    Serene Yoga Studio 200 Hour Yoga Actions Teacher Training

    Serene Yoga Studio offers comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training over two years, which will give students the foundation for leading their own yoga classes or establishing a regular personal yoga practice. Serene Yoga Studio's unique approach to teaching actions for alignment, balance, stability, ease and space, allows for yoga practitioners to grow and deepen their yoga practice with confidence. Low teacher/student ratios and mentoring allow for students to develop an internal intimacy and awareness of mind, body and spirit in a safe environment.

    Serene Yoga Studio is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and graduates of the teacher training program will receive a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification.

    Eligibility Requirements

      Previous yoga experience
      A desire to deepen knowledge of yoga philosophy
      Ability to commit to a minimum of 50 yoga classes per year in addition to training sessions

    Program Policies

      Missed workshops and discontinuation of the course are non-refundable.
      Missed workshops can be made up in future years at the participant’s expense.
      Prices listed below are subject to change:
      • Weekend Workshops: $150 plus GST
      • One Day Workshops: $65 plus GST

    Time Commitment per Year

      4 weekend workshops (10 hours each)
      4 afternoon workshops (4 hours each)
      Monthly philosophy class (1 hour x 10)
      15 One Hour class observations (at SYS)
      A 60 min one on one meeting with Teacher
      8 hours of reading/homework assignments
      10 hours Journaling
      Home practice (2x one hour, 3x half hour)
      Observed Teaching 1 karma class


      $1300 + GST per year (100 hours of training.)
      A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space each year.
      Participants can choose from 1 of the 2 discounted pass rates to fulfill the required 50 classes per year:
      • Unlimited Classes valid from September -June (no refunds or extensions) for $700 plus GST
      • 50 Class Pass valid from September -August (no refunds or extensions) for $550 plus GST

    Payment must be made in full or instalments by pre-authorized credit card payments. Full payment/arrangements are due on or before August 31 each year.

    Curriculum Goals

      Students will receive a complete set of the Creating Space: Yoga Actions book series by the authors Helen Maupin and Candace Propp, as well as a Student handbook.

      Students will become familiar with topics in yoga philosophy from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, including the 8 limbs of yoga and the 9 obstacles.

      Students will learn the unique style of designing and teaching asana using yoga actions along with sequencing, alignment, anatomy and physical safety.

      Students will gain knowledge of sanskrit terms.

      Students will become comfortable speaking in front of a group


    Registrations will be accepted in studio starting each year in mid January. Applicants must speak with one of the program facilitators before registering to discuss previous yoga experience. Applicants may be placed on a waiting list until there is an open spot.

    Curriculum for 2017/18 100 Hours

      Afternoon Workshops - Sunday 1-5pm
        Mindfulness Meditation - September 17, 2017
        Sequencing & Lesson Planning - December 10, 2017
        Chakras - January 14, 2018
        Practice Teaching - March 11, 2018
      Weekend Workshops - Friday 7-9pm / Saturday 1-5pm / Sunday 1-5pm
        Yoga Actions for Feet & Ankles Awareness - October 20, 21, 22, 2017
        Yoga Actions for Leg & Knees Awareness - November 24, 25, 26, 2017
        Yoga Actions for Pelvis & Psoas Awareness - February 23, 24, 25, 2018
        Restorative & Pregnancy - April 20, 21, 22, 2018
      Philosophy Sessions - One Tuesday per month from 6-7pm
        September 19, 2017
        October 3, 2017
        November 7, 2017
        December 5, 2017
        January 9, 2018
        February 6, 2018
        March 6, 2018
        April 3, 2018
        May 1, 2018
        June 5, 2018

    PLEASE NOTE -Topics/workshop titles are subject to change throughout the teacher training course, however dates and times will remain the same.

    Serene Yoga Studio Advanced Teacher Training

    Serene Yoga Studio’s Advanced Teacher Training program is offered to graduates of a 200-hour Teacher Training certificate wishing to accrue the additional 300 hours for 500 hour certification as well as those intermediate and advanced students interested in deepening their yoga study and practice.

    Eligibility Requirements

      Any 200 Hr Teacher OR
      Intermediate and/or Advanced Students
      A desire to deepen knowledge of yoga philosophy

    Program Policies

      Missed workshops and discontinuation of the course are non-refundable.
      Missed workshops can be made up in future years at the participant’s expense.
      Prices listed below are subject to change:
      • Weekend Workshop: $200 + GST
      • One Day Workshops: $80 + GST each
      • Summer Intensive: $400 + GST

    Time Commitment per Year

      8 4hr Workshops (32 hours)
      1 2-Day Workshop (8 hours)
      1 Weeklong Intensive (20 hours)

    Investment Options

    To reserve your space, a non refundable deposit is required or payment in full (includes non refundable deposit)

      $1,100.00 + GST (All sessions offered, including Summer Intensive; 60 hrs)*
      $ 725.00 + GST (All sessions offered, excluding Summer Intensive; 40 hrs)**
      $ 400.00 + GST (Summer Intensive Only; 20 hrs)
      * This payment option is only available when registering for all sessions offered in the current year, including the Summer Intensive, and paying for its entirety at time of registration

      ** Payment can be made in full OR with a pre-defined payment plan. For payment plan option, a $400 non-refundable deposit, plus a $50 admin fee, is required to reserve your space. Final installment is paid by pre-authorized credit card and will be processed on or close to September 15 (Monday to Friday).

    ATT Curriculum for 2017/18 60 Hours

      Afternoon Workshops - Saturday 1-5pm
        September 23, 2017 - TAKING FLIGHT: All About Inversions
        October 28, 2017 - SPINAL HEALTH I: Exploring the S-curves
        November 18, 2017 - HEALTHY KNEES: Prevention & Correction
        December 16, 2017 - MINDFUL MEDITATION I: Meditating, Writing & Moving with Present Moment Awareness
        January 27, 2018 - INTRODUCTION TO KAIUT & YIN YOGA: Joint & Fascia Release
        March 24, 2018 - THE BANDHAS I: Hasta & Pada (Backbends & Inversions)
        April 28, 2018 - SENSATION-AL YOGA: Shifting from Doing to Being
        May 26, 2018 - BUILDING A YOGA CORE I: Balancing the Pelvis
      2 Day Workshop - Saturday 1-5pm / Sunday 1-5pm
        February 17 & 18, 2018 (8hrs) - 5 KOSHAS: A Practice for Each Sheath
      Intensive - Monday to Friday 9:00am-1:00pm
        August 20-24, 2018 (20hrs) - DIAGNOSING BODIES I: Space & Stability

    PLEASE NOTE -Topics/workshop titles are subject to change throughout the teacher training course, however dates and times will remain the same.

    For information regarding our cancellation policies, please see Serene Yoga Studio Policies